After learning, what mold is, we can take the necessary measures to combat it. This is a type of fungus that appears in many homes mainly due to humidity.

When a there’s an area in your home or workplace with humidity problems. It must be combated right away, in order to avoid the consequences that derive from this situation.

Mold can reproduce through the air, through its spores, and this can generate health threatening symptoms.

Before searching, “mold removal near me”, it is necessary to know what mold is?

Here at GS Mold Solution, we have detailed in the following article everything related to mold. Continue reading and learn all the basics about this type of fungus, which is more common than you can imagine.

What is mold?

Mold is made up of microscopic organisms that form and spreads on various kinds of damp or decaying organic matter. Basically, they help in the process of breaking down dead matter and also to recycle the nutrients from nature and any living or decaying matter.

This can appear in places such as walls, floors, as well as fruits or other foods. It reproduces through the production of spores that spread through the air, water and even through insects.

How does the mold grow?

We must know that mold grows and can multiply under suitable conditions, requiring only the necessary humidity. For example, due to water leaks from a pipe; it also appears in organic matter exposed to moisture.

Why should you get rid of the mold as soon as possible?

We must eliminate mold, as soon as possible, because it’s expansion can occur anywhere as long as the humidity conditions are met. Mold spores spread quickly and anyone living next to toxic mold can be affected within a few hours.

All necessary actions must be taken for black mold not to continue having the perfect context for its growth. The contamination that this causes, can lead to serious mold poisoning symptoms. 

We can mention that among the most common harmful effects on health are, allergic reactions. Which can happen precisely due to the inhalation of mold. Symptoms can vary greatly depending on the sensitivity of each person.

Now that we know one of the most common effects, inhaling mold can have. It should be noted that it can be prevented by reducing exposure to these mold spores.

You must consider an important key to avoid any harmful health risks, and that is permanently removing mold. It can be working by your own means, using chlorine and other disinfectants. Or better yet, you can count on a specialized company such as GS Mold Solution.

Most common symptoms caused by exposure to mold

The most common symptoms produced by mold spores are normally allergies and irritations.

Mold poisoning symptoms that are most frequently observed – Sinusitis or nasal congestion.

  • Burning or irritation in the eyes, redness of the eyes and constant tearing.
  • All kinds of respiratory problems, and difficulty breathing normally.
  • Dry cough or cough with phlegm.
  • Pain and irritation in the throat.
  • Skin irritation, which may be evidenced as a rash.
  • Headaches and/or dizziness

If someone in your family presents these symptoms and there are traces of mold in the house, this is clearly an alert that there is a presence of fungi.

High risk people

It is very important to make it clear that exposure to mold is not healthy for anyone. Therefore, the growth of the fungus must be controlled as soon as possible.

There are people more vulnerable to mold poisoning symptoms or any other problem caused by mold spores. Such as;

  • Those who constantly suffer from allergies, asthma or pulmonary emphysema.
  • Those whose immune system is compromised, either as a result of HIV/AIDS, an organ transplant or in the case of those who are receiving chemotherapy.

There are types of molds more harmful than others.

First of all, we must note that any widespread growth of mold inside a home, office and other spaces frequented by people must be treated urgently.

The presence of mold represents a significant risk to the health of the people who are there and, therefore, its elimination is key to preserving health. Therefore, taking immediate action to combat humidity is essential.

Inspect my house to combat the presence of mold

It is convenient to carry out a preventive inspection, but this can be somewhat expensive, however, we should not skimp when it comes to a health issue.

A professional inspection can make a difference when it comes to mold treatment. It not only represents an aid for its elimination, but also to prevent it from appearing again.

When it is certain that mold is present in the building, an inspection can be key to detecting a problem due to leaks in a pipe. Any triggering agent of humidity in the same place will lead to the development of the mold. This can only be detected with professional equipment.

In case there is already certain suspicions, what sampling will do, is help identify what type of fungus it is and its consequences. Certainly, toxic mold must be immediately cleaned up, whether the growth is large or small. As well as fixing any problem with the house’s plumbing system, where the presence of moisture is evident.

Learn to clean mold

When we think about mold removal, we must take all the security measures. In this type of work, there is a risk of suffering from spores that can be expelled during the procedure.

To start with mold cleanup, it is a good idea to control any moisture problems. The cause of the dampness must be identified and then completely repaired.

All types of porous materials that encourage the spread of mold must be eliminated.

In this case we can refer to plaster walls, as well as carpets, wallpaper and ceiling mosaics.

Any wet material should be thoroughly dried, and if this is not possible it is best to remove it.

Keep in mind that mold usually grows on hard surfaces, such as wood or even concrete, but in these cases cleaning is easier. These areas can be rubbed with the help of a cloth moistened with liquid detergent and chlorine.

Do not forget that it is recommended to wear rubber gloves and a dust mask.

If people who are vulnerable or more sensitive to mold live in the house, help should be sought from a company specializing in the subject.

The cleaning of the mold can be carried out by yourself as long as it is not a major problem, using liquid detergent or chlorine.

In most cases, this is something that you should leave in the hands of specialists, like with our team at, GS Mold Solution.An essential key to controlling mold in your home is constant inspection for moisture problems. So that you can control them and prevent the appearance and expansion of the mold on your property.