Mold removal is a mandatory task, if mold is dedicated in your home. Beyond being an aesthetic or hygiene issue, this is something that will help prevent many health problems.

There are many common symptoms displayed by humans, once effected by toxic mold. Some examples would be, fever, cough, sneezing, chest tightness, rhinitis, and other respiratory conditions.

In addition, the symptoms of mold exposure can be even more serious in people with asthma, allergies or compromised immune systems. This is why mold remediation is one of the most important tasks to perform, immediately and professionally.

At GS Mold Solution, we invite you to continue reading this article, as we have compiled all the important points about mold removal. As well as prevention aspects that you must consider in order to protect yourself and family from this harmful fungus problem.

Let us begin!

What is mold?

To be specific, mold is a kind of fungus that helps to biodegrade organic matter. This type of fungus grows in those warm, humid, and wet environments. In addition, its propagation occurs in one of two ways;

In some cases, they grow in the same place where they are found. Or on the contrary, they release spores that travel to new locations through the air and by water, to settle in different places.

The spores that are released from the mold present a high health risk. Especially when it comes to a type of toxic mold, among the 100 thousand types that exist. The spores are very resistant and can survive under conditions of high temperatures or extreme cold.

How does mold get into homes?

Mold has many ways to reach your home. The only requirement is that the environmental conditions mentioned above are met. Which is why it can do so through air ducts, leaks, poor ventilation, and in areas with humid conditions.

The type of materials used to build the house also counts. Being that mold can also travel in isolated products, such as wood, typical roof tiles, and even magazines or books previously moistened or contaminated with mold.

How to prevent the arrival of mold in homes?

It is important to consider the environmental context that mold needs for its development. Which is why controlling the humidity levels in the environment is essential.

Moisture must be avoided, this will be key, so when the mold reproduces through its spores it does not find the conditions it needs to create its colonies.
Based on what is already known, you should avoid spaces with poor ventilation in your home. For example, mold in the basement, which develops precisely due to the high level of humidity and poor ventilation in many homes.

Pay close attention to articles made of wood, leather, or clothes that do not dry well. As they are also prone to mold if the proper precautions are not taken in the removal.

What strategies can help me?

One of the best ways to treat the appearance of mold is dehumidifiers. Since, especially during the winter, they can combat humidity very well, just like air conditioners.

In case you live in places with very high humidity in New Jersey, having a hygrometer can be very helpful. A hygrometer, sometimes known as a humidity meter, is a device for measuring humidity in the air. In other words, hygrometers measure the amount of moisture in a particular environment, usually by calculating temperature and pressure changes. There are many kinds of hygrometers, including electrical or digital models, psychrometers, mechanical hygrometers, and dew point hygrometers

On the other hand, air purifiers will help you keep the environment of your home protected. They are excellent in helping prevent spores from traveling through the air and reaching any corner of your house, to settle freely and form their colonies.

In short, the first thing you should take care of is the basics, and to guarantee optimal ventilation in the home, you should regularly clean those areas with the highest humidity and keep your clothes, especially sport shoes, in dry places.

How to prepare to combat mold in your home?

If you have definitively detected the presence of mold in your home, you must immediately take preventative action. To professionally remove mold and avoid it from effecting anyone in your home.

The most advisable action is that this task is carried out by a specialized team. However, acting on your own to a certain extent is possible and sometimes recommended.

If acting on your own, you must prepare the area that is being cleaned. So, before removing the mold you must close the affected area using plastic sheets, to prevent the spores from spreading to other parts of the house.

On the other hand, you must guarantee that in the area where you are going to work, there is good ventilation, either by opening windows or using an exhaust fan to help you in this sanitation task.

When undergoing a mold removal task, it essential that you do not mix the cleaning products. This way you will avoid any problem of intoxication due to their reaction.

What items to use to remove mold?

If you are going to carry out the task of mold remediation, it is necessary to have all the necessary clothing to protect yourself from mold spores when working.

For this reason, GS Mold Solution recommends that you wear N-95 respirator masks, safety glasses, or any type of protection for your eyes, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and rubber boots.

How to get rid of mold at home?

Frankly, it is best to let a team specialized in the area act, but if it comes to removing mold when it is a minor problem, you can act on your own and with cleaning products for the home, of recognized effectiveness.

If the mold is located on a surface that is not porous, you can apply a mixture of, 1 cup of bleach per 1 gallon of water, this is an effective solution for these type of cases.

In addition, you can also apply the same amounts, replacing chlorine with detergent dissolved in hot water.

If the mold has grown on a porous surface, the process becomes more complicated, in this case, you must use strong bristle brushes, and it is necessary to use more specific products, or seek professional assistance.

Finally, it is important that when you finish cleaning those areas affected by mold, the area is dried very well. Make sure that after this procedure, you pay special attention to the area to see its evolution. As well as continuing with the preventive measures mentioned above to avoid the reappearance of mold.

The importance of having professionals in mold removal

When it comes to more serious problems in areas affected by mold, it is necessary to hire the service of a company specialized in mold removal. Professionals will provide effective mold removal in a short amount of time plus long lasting results.

This service can be considered an investment since it will avoid all those symptoms of mold exposure that can reach you and the members of your family.

How do we help you at GS Mold Solution?

At GS Mold Solution we have a team of experts in mold removal. We carry out an efficient service  with all the necessary tools to guarantee the effectiveness of mold removal in your home.

For this reason, we invite you to count on our help to combat that mold problem that may be affecting your property and your family.