In this article, we will learn that black mold, also known as toxic black mold, is a type of micro-fungi that develops its conidia in different particles of silt.

First uncovered inside a house in Prague, this type of mold was discovered by a Czech mycologist, August Corda in 1837.

This type of mold, black mold, grows in places with high humidity and little sunlight, so it is very difficult to find in any home.

There are certain black mold poisoning symptoms. While each person’s body is affected by mold toxicity in different ways. Some experience constant migraines and headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue and even vomiting. Since symptoms differ from person to person, they may not be quickly associated with mold exposure. This is some of the many reasons why it must be properly attacked for their extermination.

The GS Mold Solution company has a specialized mold remediation team available to you. However, before explaining how we can help, first, continue reading to learn some general points about black mold and its characteristics.

General information about black mold

Among the different types of molds that can develop due to issues with humidity in the home. Black mold is part of the few that have the greatest capacity to harm us. Since it is highly toxic to human beings and our pets.

Black mold differs from other types of molds because it is a highly dangerous microorganism. In the following points we will show how to identify if you or your loved ones are being affected.

Characteristics of black mold

It is a bit difficult to determine if it is or not, black mold. One of the indications is its color, which must be dark. Since black mold is not a completely black tone, in some cases, it can turn a dark green tone. On the other hand, you can also find it with a yellowish color, when it begins to dry.

If any wall in your house has the presence of mold with strong and dark tones, you can contact our GS Mold Solution team.

Black mold can be recognized by an expert and is essential to avoid any associated health problems. Also, of course, to avoid the deterioration of the surfaces where it is presented.
When its presence has already been detected, all that remains is to start the mold removal work, and you can do it with the recommendations that we give you below.

Where does black mold appear?

As we mentioned at the beginning, black mold usually appears in places of a home with high humidity and little sunlight, and this is something that is usually seen in cabinets, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, or any damp place.

Black mold health problems

As we already know, it is a toxic microorganism that ends up affecting the health of people close to it. It can affect human beings in as little as 2-9 hours after being exposed and the symptoms can last 1-3 days.

Black mold can cause respiratory problems, allergies, hives, asthma, and other lung diseases in living beings.

In addition, there are people with a higher risk of suffering from effects of black mold. Such as elderly persons, babies, pregnant women, and, in general, anyone who has a weak immune system.

If you discover the presence of black mold in your home and you have following symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately, in addition to seeking a solution to effectively combat black mold:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Sinusitis
  • Cough
  • Throat pain
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness or headaches
  • Nose bleeds

In addition, some black mold can affect pets. We must act against black mold in time to combat it effectively.

How to remove black mold?

The most suitable mold remediation is carried out by an expert team, but you can act on your own. This includes different remedies against humidity and the problems that come with it.

We must emphasize that you should not paint over black mold, without first disinfecting it. Since paint is not something that can attack the humidity of the home, therefore black mold can reappear.

How to prevent the appearance of black mold?

Black mold makes an appearance in humid environments, and that is why one of the basic ways to prevent its development is by monitoring humidity levels in the home, levels that should not exceed 50 % at any time.

In places with the highest humidity in New Jersey, it is best to check these levels more frequently throughout the day. Since they can vary from one moment to the next.

In addition, you can help yourself with a dehumidifier, if necessary, especially in those seasons of the year when the humidity increases significantly with climate changes. Other measures to prevent the appearance of black mold.

It is evident that to avoid the presence of black mold there are other measures to follow, such as:

  • Carry out periodic inspections, to detect any signs of damage to pipes and the presence of mold.
  • Rooms and bathrooms should be cleaned regularly, to try and locate the presence of mold, and if the presence is noticed, proceed with removal immediately. 
  • Air extractors should be used in the bathroom and kitchen, in addition to keeping windows open, to promote good ventilation in the house in all areas.
  • Implementing air conditioners with a highly effective particulate filter helps break down mold spores in the air. This way you can avoid black mold.
  • You can add mold resistance in paints, as this will reduce the growth of mold in the house.
  • Where possible, you should avoid using rugs in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. As well as the recycling old newspapers or magazines that are not being used, as they can fill with mold if the surroundings are humid.
  • In case of flooding, wet furniture, damp articles, and other contents that you have in your home should be dried quickly.
  • You should get rid of flood-damaged rugs, as they can quickly become moldy.

How do avoid problems related to black mold?

To avoid also black mold, other strategies can help:

  • Windows should be closed at night, since mold spores are more likely to circulate the air. In addition to potentially using dehumidifiers during the night time and maintain dry areas.
  • On rainy days or times with higher humidity, extreme precautions must be taken, in addition to times when the presence of mold is higher.
  • To clean black mold, you must wear proper safety equipment at all times.

Reasons to have a professional team in the removal of black mold

To treat black mold by yourself, you must take many preventive measures, so it is not recommended if you do not have the right equipment. Mold releases spores, so if you suffer from allergies, you are more prone to respiratory problems. Please refer to the common symptoms shown if black mold is present. Immediate actions are advised.

We recommend not taking risks and leaving everything in the hands of experts.

Can GS Mold Solution help you remove mold?

Yes, GS Mold Solution Company invites you not to take risks and leave everything in their hands. We have a team of experts in mold remediation, leaving your home free of all traces of black mold. We work cleanly and show efficient and fast results.