Now we will learn what a mold test is, since it is carried out to confirm that there is mold on any surface where the test is applied, or the opposite, the non-existence.

People who have a mold test done will know for sure if they are being invaded by some kind of mold. Also, it will be known to what degree, and above all how to attack the problem from its root.

If we want to carry out a mold test, it is necessary to have the help and experience of a professional. Although there are ways to find out with home or empirical methods, it is best to go to companies like GS Mold Solutions and its great team of specialists in this field.

When you contact GS Mold Solutions, you will know that it is a company specialized in cleaning and repairs caused by damage caused by water such as humidity.

Their technical and experienced staff can warn you about future damage. If you suspect that you are being a victim of the presence of any type of mold in your property, do not hesitate to take the necessary measures to prevent this scourge from gaining ground in a short time.

If you notice mold damage, a test should be done to find out exactly what type of mold needs to be addressed. It is necessary to act quickly, before the presence of mold passes to other instances and can also cause material and health damage.

How is a mold test performed?

To carry out mold tests, specialized personnel must be available. These people make up a team of workers who have the necessary instruments and products for this type of test.

When samples are taken, it is to first determine if there really is mold. Once the interested party’s suspicions are confirmed, then the specialist will try to identify the type of mold existing on the surface from which the samples were extracted.

It is also necessary to determine the speed of growth and the origin of its strain to decide the type of treatment to follow, according to the classification of the mold and the degree of intensity it has reached.

There are several ways to perform a mold test or test, and they are the following:

  • Air sampling, this consists of taking a little air from the environment surrounding the affected area and analyzing it. 
  • Swab lift, this is the recommended route when it comes to taking a test from the mucous membranes, nose, vagina, gums and others.

The test is also usually carried out by means of a swab, when it is an open wound where fungal and mold infection is suspected.

  • MycotoxinCheck, by means of this test, the presence of mycotoxins produced by fungi can be identified. As it can be, the mold that can come from the air we breathe or from some food we have eaten.
  • ERMI tests, it is a laboratory test using a kit containing materials for this purpose. Such is the case of a Swiffer type AccuCloth Kit.

Reasons why we should perform a mold test

In reality, there are many reasons for wanting to test your premises for mold. The first and most justified is to confirm if there is some type of fungus, which in turn produces mold with its spores that spread throughout the surrounding environment.

Mold causes diseases that seriously affect us and that must be avoided at all costs, therefore, when carrying out a mold test, it is also possible to detect what type of mold it is, and of course, the best way to eradicate it forever.


What diseases or illnesses can mold cause in our body?

One of the parts of our body that can be affected by the presence of mold around us are the respiratory tract. The mold could reach our lungs and cause severe damage to our respiratory tract.

Mold can cause irritation to our eyes, nose, skin, and even private parts. Certainly, the mold is happy to take possession of the mucous membranes and all the moist parts of our body.

When people are allergic, the presence of mold is fatal, since they favor uncomfortable situations that are greatly accentuated, such as excessive coughing with phlegm, or persistent dry cough, itching or burning in different parts of the skin, discomfort sleeping and even fever in infectious cases of some diseases.

If we eat food infected with mold, we could contract other types of ailments that can cause deterioration of the digestive tract, or the urinary tract, and reach the brain through the bloodstream.

The kind of mold, which can invade the brain, comes from a fungus from which several types, in this case we are referring to a specific one known by the name of Candida.

Candidiasis, in fortunately not very frequent cases, what is known as meningitis, and it is lethal.

What damage can mold cause to our property?

When mold takes hold on our property, we must prepare to be affected everywhere, such as: wallpaper, floor and wall tiles, clothing, wood finishes, and other surfaces.

On the other hand, humidity is the best breeding ground for the proliferation of fungi, from there, through the spores, the mold takes possession of other lands.


When we check the presence of mold in time, and attack it properly with the help of professional experts like GS MOLD Solutions company, then we must prepare ourselves for great material losses and medical expenses arising from examinations and treatments.

Medical treatment to detect a type of mold and attack it is not only tedious, but also expensive. To avoid major inconveniences and avoid bad times, we advise above all things, the prevention of it.

A thorough cleaning must be carried out in our home and in our work space, for this there are professional cleaning companies. These companies use specific products that are applied with special equipment and in due time.

Seek professional help asap!